Welcome to Lorecall!

Lorecall is an online role-playing community with a focus on bringing people together through shared narratives.

Lorecall is currently in a closed testing phase, please check back periodically. When Lorecall is ready for public consumption we will begin an open beta for the platform.

Until then, please check out our blog!

Collaborative Storytelling

Lorecall offers a collaborative storytelling feature through Chronicles. Players and story tellers work together to craft immersive narratives using whatever rules they would like.

System Agnostic

Use whatever game system you want, play Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k RPG, FATE, etc. the choice is yours.


Lorecall is a free service, and always will be. No matter what. We are an open community for all gamers, and as such we will never be pay-to-access. We may at times offer opportunities to directly support the service or to add-on to the service (at cost), but the core of Lorecall will always be free.


Build friendships and have lively discussions with other gamers about the stories you're telling, the characters you're playing, or anything else.

Built with Love

Lorecall is a labor of love. We're a team of role-players and gamers who also just happen to be developers and designers. We built this service because it's a service we've always wanted to see and share with others.

Control your Content

Control the content that you share on Lorecall. Lorecall doesn't own your content, you do.